Meet your Image 1 Studios Photographer

ChristosVanNathanChristos Van Nathan

Christos Van Nathan is photographer that lives and shoots in central Tennessee. He is third generation photographer. His grand father and father were both portrait and product photographers in New York City. Being exposed to their unique and individual talents has allowed him to appreciate the finer aspects of photography. Christos has developed an eye for photography utilizing yesterday’s artistries and today’s technologies. In each image created he devotes his true passion for perfection. Christos never refers to his work as a job. But he sees each image as an opportunity to capture that split second in time that is the moment.

 All Image 1 Studios photographers must successfully complete an intensive and extensive training program.  All of our photographers have not only the technical knowledge of the photography and computer equipment used, but must also have the willingness, energy, and spirit to help each and every client have the very best photographic experience they have ever had.  We take our work very seriously, but we have fun doing our work! And we love your feedback on the experiences that you have with our photographers. Please feel free to contact our customer support department or schedule an event with our Image 1 Studios photographers.